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There are so many benefits to a dry wash.

A clean airplane has reduced drag (faster, uses less fuel), maintains it's paint job for longer, and reduces corrosion.

The benefit of using the dry wash technique compared to a wet wash is that there is less risk of water or product pooling up in unseen areas of the aircraft, dry wash leaves shinier finish, and it is also less harmful to the environment.

How often should your aircraft be cleaned?

Lets find out...

     The frequency of aircraft cleaning needs depends upon multiple factors. These factors include: type of aircraft, frequency it's flown, and aircraft environment. General aviation aircraft are cleaned to keep the paint in good condition, and to prevent dangerous corrosion.


      I would recommend planes flown less frequently to be cleaned every three months. For commercial operations, the plane is your business card. A clean aircraft promises a good first impression and maintains reputation and visual representation. I would recommend getting your commercial aircraft cleaned at least once a month, or as needed.

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